DIY : Shiny collar

I keep buying white tops and shirts because I think to myself that it's an easy piece for everyday and especially for the office.. but in the end they all look the same..
So one day, during my fun-employment, I decided to make one of my white tops special (mostly coz it keeps me busy and relaxed) and here's the result ! it's not just a white shirt anymore !
For that you dont need anything more than :
- White thin sewing thread or even better embroidery floss
- Costume stones, try to chose different size and shapes (transparent or color)
- A verry thin embroidery needle
- Your white top (obviously)
- A lot of patience

Just follow your mood and imagination for the shape of the embroidery, and be generous on the number of stones ! make it shine and unique !


*Shirt  Zara

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