Street style #4

Tee shirt - Zara / Pants - Monoprix
Well well !

What a better outfit for a warm-but-not-too-really saturday in Paris. That's what I would call a 3C : Cool, comfy and colorfull :)
I love the mix n match of the pants and the tee shirt's prints, but what I love the most are these 70's vintage sunglasses by Revo. Tip top !

Happy week end ! x

*Tee-shirt Zara
  Pants Monoprix
  Shades Vintage Revo 


Got my Jimmy Fairly !

Hello there,

I'd like to tell you about a really cool new french brand and concept : 
Jimmy Fairly "Awesome glasses for awesome people"

You probably heard of them already, throught Facebook and people who wear their glasses - as I do - 
The concept started from a quote with a simple idea : "Internet revolutionizes our way to buy, why wouldn't it revolutionize our way of giving.
This idea comes from Antonin Chartier, who thought the opticians practices and prices were unacceptable ! He decided that it was time for change and launched this concept :
- Online shop, free delivery to try them on and free return if the style doens't suit you.
- Designed in France, handmade in Italy
- Cool design and shop (Paris)
- Only 95€ (depends on your correction)
- "Buy one, give one". Buying a pair of Jimmy Fairly glasses (Sunglasses or correction glasses) will contribute to help underprivileged people who need  glasses too ! I love this idea ! So do not hesitate, get yourself a pair and help someone at the same time (and price).
 As you can see this concept comes from a strong desire to help but will also make you look great.
The design of the glasses and the quality is just Amazing, check it out on the website.

Parisiens, parisiennes, a store just oppened in the Marais - lovely staff - Jimmy Fairly Store, you can try the styles on, and order there, 10 days later, they'll be home!

I got mine yesterday : great packaging, little note - Brilliant ! Rien à ajouter !

Style : Cambridge brown
 I can see clearly now, Merci Jimmy !

Love x


ME.006 Festival

Hello Hello !
Time to get ready for the annual Mercredi Production Festival,  ME.006 !!
9 events, 5 days !! Starting tomorrow (July 26) until sunday ! Good news, for the day parties, I checked the weather forecast and sun will at the rendez-vous!
Looks like a busy week to come !
I already booked my ticket for My day in Brooklyn youhouuuu!! See you all there :)

Check out the line-up, and get your tix HERE !
For more infos about the events, go straight to the Mercredi production blog

Looking forward to it !

Love x


Street style #3

Mr Baguette & sneakers at Hotel de Ville
Hello dreamers !

Hope you all had a great week-end, despite this rainy sunday !
The picture of the day is Mr Baguette and his sneakers...
In Paris, we love the hot crispy baguette, but what we love the most is when the color of your baguette bag matches with you neon sneakers !
It's all about details !
Keep going this way Mr Baguette, and give me the address of your bakery !

Love x


Gyoza Bar

Gyoza Bar - Paris 2nd

Today, my tummy's speaking...
Who can resist this tiny,crispy little Gyoza ? I can't..
I tryied this place called Gyoza Bar in the 2th, a place exclusively dedicated to Gyozas.
Minimalistic menu as the design of this place, 6€/8pcs of Gyoza, 8€/12pcs and 10€/16pcs, it comes with marinated bean sprouts (DElicious) and the Gyoza sauce, so good you could drink it ! You can also add a nature rice.
I made some research, and the recipe of this Gyoza with porc from Dordogne belongs to Shinichi Sato, a famous gastronomic chef s'il vous plait !

Great for lunch break, but be there pretty early ! Because like the name say it, its a bar, places are limited, 10 or 11 seats around the bar, so you queue outside while starring at people and wait for them to finish their Gyoza ! and once you are seated, you realise it's a universal behaviour ! so best to do is to forget about it and enjoy your japanese delight ! (Or come for dinner..)

Restaurant Gyoza Bar
56, passage des Panoramas Paris 75002
Metro :Richelieu - Drouot / Grands Boulevards / Bourse
Phone :  +33 1 44 82 00 62

Love x


Fête de la musique

Hello there !
31st Fête de la musique (Credits to Isabelle Jégo)

Today is the famous Fête de la musique ! even if the sun is not planning to join, a few things are happening !
In 1962, exactly 50 years ago, 4 boys from Liverpool edited they first 45 rpm vinyle record with the song "Love me do" a new era is born : pop music. We are not just celebrating music then but the 50 years anniversary of pop music ATTENTION !

For the lucky ones that got tickets/invitations for the HP Electro Cruise, your night is all good.. Benoit & Sergio, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Sundorom, on a cruise.. You can still get some tickets on the HP Facebook page or on Radio Nova . Depart from Pont de Grenelle for the adventurous ones that want to try to get on board !

For the others here are my suggestions :

A good friend of mine and his label Diez Music are organising a special event for this day for the lovers of hip-hop AND electronic music and this might be reaaaally good ! Check out the facebook (open) event here for the line up and more details !

Because I'm the Beatles biggest fan since I'm 4, In the 1st arrondissement, a special Tribute to the Beatles by a new generation of jazz groups :
Tiss Rodriguez (drums), Mali Zivkovic (trumpet), Clément Simon (piano), Guillaume Latil (cello), Anthony Jambon (guitar), Jérôme Arrighi (bass).

From 9:30PM to midnight at Le Baiser Salé 

In the 17th : At La Compagnie, a french Costes restaurant with a big terrasse is throwing a special Fête de la musique electro event, check out the details and facebook event here !

The best you can do is just walk around and enjoy Paris and its lively streets full of surprises ! You can also ask for the program and organise a special music route ! I strongly recommend Le Figaro program to schedule that !

For my part, I'll be first celebrating on a roof top hosted by PIIAF (more details to come about it tonight!) for a verry private show and only the 2nd of our dear friend Marco Kamaras to follow carefully !Woop Woop ! Second part of my night is still not defined but musical for sure !

Have a great and happy Fête de la musique my friends !
If you have any tips/ interesting places/ advices, I'm all ears !

And here's a musical goodbye !

Love x


Street style #2

Sofia - La Perle - Paris

I saw her at this famous "bobo-arty" bar La Perle in the Marais, and like a kid who saw his hero, I couldn't resist to ask if I could take a picture of her.. Even if I didn't ask for the third one ! (Sorry Sofia..) but what a LOOK !
From the color of her hair to her sunglasses, every single detail, it's what we call a "Sans-faute" and that's exactly the kind of style I look for in the streets.
Get inspired girls !

Love x


Street style #1

Amina - Paris Marais

Summer doesn't want to show up, it's a fact, and when it does, it last a day.. No need to deny this schizophrenic weather and go out without coat and scarf, but at least you can make it shine ! I love this style ! Isnt she adorable with this coat (Zara) all covered up with sequins and perfectly associated with her Nikies ?
Let's hope she(we)'ll be able to remove all those heavy fabric verry soon and swap it up with cute real summer outfits..
July's almost there mais IL EST OU LE SOLEIL ????


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Love x