Street style #13

I saw brunette Sailor Moon on the street the other day !! In her day outfit though, not the super sexy creature she turns to.. but still !
Backpack is definitely back !


Street style #12

Colorful and stylish young mummy !
How to dress on a random wednesday in Paris when the sun is shining :)




Ok you all heard or experienced the lack of summer this year in western and northern Europe.. looks like this time is out now and summer has finally arrived !
I can stop try to fit my umbrella in my tiny bags and take out my sandals !
Now time to work on the tan..


*Sandals  Pierre Hardy
  Bag  Vintage from Morocco


Street style #11

Rue Etienne Marcel - Paris
Two lovers
"My bag is too heavy, would you hold it for me ?"
We all know the bigger your bag is, the more clutter you'll have, but if you have a lovely boyfriend like him to carry it then your problem is solved.
Aren't they lovely ? Her grace and the movement in this picture makes me want to love even more !
Style wise, they did a good job matching their colors - different tones of blue and brown.
If you have her body, for the bottom, nothing better than a vintage denim poom poom shorts ! for the top and to cover what needs to be covered, just a floral bustier.
Casual and too cute ! but what those lovebirds wear the best is love.

  Shirt and shorts  We
  Shoes  Sebago
  Top  Bershka
  Shorts  Vintage Levi's

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Biarritz, San Sebastian, Fontarrabie

San Sebastian

San Sebastian
Cathedral del buen pastor - San Sebastian
San Sebastian Beach
San Sebastian - Zara look
Streets of San Sebastian
Sunrise in San Sebastian

Plaza de la Constituciòn - San Sebastian 
Demonstration for the Basque country independence 
Grilled sardines - typical Basque dish
Trendy boy in San Sebastian
Sunrise on Cibourre coasts in France
Fontarabi - Spain
Grilled Basque pepper 
Paletta Iberica + Paamb Tomaca
Tapas Foie plancha con crema de oporto y reduccion de manzana - Best tapas EVER
Ardoka - Fontarabi
Biarritz, my lovely friend's house we stayed at
Hydrangea, everywhere in Biarritz
Côte des Basques - Biarritz
Côte des Basques
Ilbarritz beach
5 Incredible days in Basque country..
Based in Biarritz, we had the chance to drive to San Sebastian (40 mins) and Fontarabi - a fishing village 30mins away by car and 8mins of ferry.
Amazing country, warm people, delicious food, it was just perfect. I strongly recommend this place to anyone for a long week end.
We spent our first day in San Sebastian - officially called Donostia in basque - I had my first surf lesson and apparently did well :)
The city is so chilled, tapas everywhere, surfers on the beach, skateboarding kiddos, sea, sun, what else ?
While visiting the city, we walked into a demonstration for the Basque country independence and that's when I really felt the difference between this region's culture and identity, and the rest of Spain.
After a yummy typical fish dish on the Conca, we drove back to Biarritz totally enchanted.
Biarritz... mmh, I'll be back to you soon ! Even though we were in France, I felt in such a different scene. The perfect archetype surfers place, we were there during a Roxy competition that took place in the famous Côte des Basques (most famous coast for surf), so there was a real energy there.
Biarritz is a succession of beautiful and wide beaches where even if you're not a surfer and never surfed  in your life, you'll feel the need to at least try.
Luckily we were staying at my friend's house, as good locals they are they took really good care of us and showed us the best places to eat and drink, thanks again to all of you !
Must say that my favourite place of this trip - food wise - was in Fontarabi. My friend took us there for our last night, the place is called Ardoka, best tapas I've ever had. The restaurant is located in a typical Spanish street, we ate outside on a wine barrel, à la basque !
In the menu : grilled basque pepper, Jamon Iberico, fried calamari, individual tapas of foid gras à la plancha, mini pieces of beef, Xipiron and squid ink risotto, Bacalao and many more.. Everything we had was good !
So if you ever spend a long week end or holiday in this area, you must make a detour to this place, you won't be disappointed !
I'm now back to Paris, with loads of souvenirs of the great times I had there, and would definitly go back during another season for a real visit of the old basque city.
Hope those pictures will make you want to go !


Street style #10

Paris - Rue vieille du temple

Pinkish schoolgirl
Bright style for a working summer. 
Match your top to your socks and make it all shine with gold derby!  
Final detail, wrap around french braid ! verry cute style that no one can miss in the street !

*Short  H&M
  Shirt  Vintage
  Shoes  Zara

Trendy mummy

Irena and her bracelets
Irena is my parents's good friend, she's a fashion designer, more famous as Irena Gregori
She also creates and designs jewell, but what she does the best is hunt vintage and new pieces and wear them all together. 
A mix of gold and silver chains, with tipycal basque bracelets (silver ones on the top), random bracelets found in markets and shops in Paris.
Gorgeous !


Street style #9

Berlin calling !

Like a super style angel, walking in Paris with her super style friends, realised she was with them only when she walked away !
Was looking for this skirt everywhere and finally found it ! Got even more excited when I saw her wearing it !
Notice the customized converse on the right guy AND his neon Keffiyeh printed t-shirt ! Yes, Yes YES !

*Skirt  Zara
  Top  Gina tricot
  Ring  Vintage



Each summer, I reset my wrist style (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), winter doesnt inspire me that much for some reason..
This summer is the big revival of the beloved friendship bracelets I used to make when I was a kid.. I actually reconnected with this activity this year with my brand MINE
Add to that my obssesion of ethnic items (probably inspired by the environnement I live in), some thin gold chain bracelets and colored nails, here you go ! ready for summer !

*Left to right hand / top to bottom
Frienship bracelet w/ stitched chain    MINE
Gold ring bracelets    Biba
Grey pearls and bird / Green eye  Cadi (Shop in Turkey, Gumusluk, a must see place)
Gold chains (skulls and japenese doll)    Chanael K
Purple studded frienship bracelet    MINE
Horn bracelet    Tinja
Nailpolish   H&M


Street style #8

Rue Montorgueuil
DIY detail : Safety pins 
Woow.. Even better together !
I noticed these two beautiful creatures of style a week ago during Paris men's fashion week and just got super excited to share this shot.
Watching this picture sends me straight to another dimension, they almost look like they have come from another century - a mix of urban romantism and neo classicism - in fact, they hail from modern day Manchester, with style..

What an enthralling allure ! Love it.

  Top and skirt  Zara
 Shorts and shirt  Zara
 Loafers  Dolce and Gabbana


Chain chain chain...

...She's not a fool but just a trendy girl.

This summer chains are EVERYWHERE, stitched on frienship bracelets, bags, clothes, shoes..
Not easy to wear XXL chains but this girl did it pretty well, and x2 is even better..
(good point to not mix it with millions of other bracelets)

Modern, simple, just beautiful,

Bravo !


Happy week end !

Rue de Rivoli
Wish you all a great week end !

Love x


Street style #7

Rue Montorgueil - Paris
Red printed jumpsuit + big smile : YES !
Proof in picture that you don't need that much to look great :)
Lovely look from the UK, visiting Paris in style  !

*Jumpsuit  Vintage from San Fransisco

Street style #6

Twins in run rue Tiquetone - Paris

Caught the twins !

Spotted, twins on the run in Paris.. they had to, it was men fashion week, couldn't miss that guys right ?
I had to run after them ! and was too impressed by this style that I forgot to ask where they have unearthed these t-shirts !

Too funky !


Bow-Bow Detail

Paola - Fête de la musique Paris
She stole my attention from the show for a few second..

I vote for an oversize bow (when you not dressed as a merinque cake obviously), bravo Paola !

Love x

Street style #5

Zineb - Rue Montmartre Paris
Funky, punchy Z walking in Paris on a sunny saturday :)
Notice the 50's hairstyle mixed with a vintage poom poom short, such an energetic style !

Merci Zizi !

*Tank top  Zara
Shorts  Vintage
Shoes  Converse
Clutch bag  Zara


Chez Miki

Food experience of the day : Japanese bento at chez Miki

If i could try everything, I would defintely do it..
Really cute little place (16 cutlery) hidden behind the Louvois square in the 2nd arrondissement and runned by Miss Ayako and her assistant, really nice and serious - japanese way.
Been there for lunch, special menu, a very healthy and hearty dish in a bento (comes with a soup and white rice) for 15€, just choose the main dish between marinated sardines, fried salmon tartare sauce (dish in the picture) shrimp rolls, miso marinated beef tenderloin and a few more.
For dinner, their black slate offers a few delights : Turbot carpaccio, squid sashimis (mmmmh), famous dried shrimps pasta, spicy pasta with octopus and egg fish, fried pork with garlic and shizo etc.. Around 30€ to 35€ à la carte, but it's definetly worth the price !

Writting about it makes me salivate..
Love x

ps : Try the matcha tea!

Chez Miki
5, rue de Louvois 75002
01 42 96 04 88
From tuesday to saturday
Noon to 10pm
Sunday from 6pm to 10pm