Dice Kayek SS13 shooting / Making Off

Sunday 9th of September, a worth working sunday !
I started working for this brand that always intrigued me with its strong identity and history, Dice Kayek.
Half Turkish and half French, the brand is established in Paris and created by Ayse and Ece, the Dice Kayek sisters.
To introduce the brand for those who doesn't know it yet, I thought doing a making off of the shooting during my first steps in the company will be fun.
We just finished the sales period and it was pretty busy I must say, but really exciting ! The brand have loads of other really intersting projects to come  that I can't wait to share with you !
So here it is, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did !



Brown n' panaché

It's soon time to say goodbye... I didnt wear you long enough, but I'm going to miss you and your comfort during this coming cold winter (SNIF).

Happy Lovely week end !
                                                                    *Shoes  Zara


Blend Burger (Burger marathon #1)

Speaking about burgers...
This short week end I had was a good opportunity to treat myslef (and tummy) so I decided to try this hype burger place in Paris : Blend.
After several attempts a few month ago, we finally made it.
The owner (that you can see behing in the first picture - not the asian one - ) received us very nicely, smiling, not usual here in Paris.
Before sitting, my choice was already made : the Hamb burger - beef, pickles, onions, iceberg, sauce Thousand Island and Blend mustard, I know, I didnt choose the Cheesy, but my friend did :) + french fries (but the sweet potatoes fries were also yummyy)
The level is quite high, it was just DE-licious. The bread, the sauce, the beef, WAOW I devoured it pretty quick.
Discovery of the day :  jealous of a sauce my friend got with his sweet potatoes, I asked for one, knowing that everything there is home-made this thing was beyond amazing (if you like garlic) : kind of an Aoili sauce, with garlic puree and basil...mmmmhhhhh close to perfection. (Good point : the burger is cut in two, makes it easyier to savour and share !
Desert, even if we all were pretty full, it was the continuity of this delight. Cheescake and chocolate cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling + a cookie and an apple crumble tasting like an apple crumble..
On a scale of 1 to 10, Blend definitely worth a 9.50.
You now know where to eat a delicious hype and 100% home-made burger for a very fair price. No deception.
AND they have a twitter ! @ blendhamburger
Blend - 44 rue d'Argout - 75001 - Paris



Street style #18

My Origami Jewellery lucky charm
Like Florence Welch would say, this is my best dress, the prints, the shape, the style, I love evrything about it, will look amazing with boots and a big jumper winter time !
Find it was a pain, found a M, got it altered, too bad it was now too small, could only put it on in the morning ..(empty belly) then the zipper broke.. would be too easy ! altered again... looks like it fits now ! Not to wear on a burger lunch day tho.. !
A word about the crab necklace coz I just love the brand, I met randomly one of the designer of the brand Origami Jewellery @ the Who's Next fair in Paris (Sept 2010), saw all their creation and adopted my crab. For those who never heard of them, you have to take a look at what they do, so as the name says it, the idea is based on japanese origami, but in jewellery, you'll check the famous origami rabbit or the parrot,  but they also have an amazing ring, that will soon be mine ! The website is in french, english, italian AND japanese so you have NO excuse ! 
                                                                    *Shades  RayBan
                                                                        Dress   Zara 
  Bag   Vintage from a market in Tunisia
Necklace   Origami Jewellery
  Shoes  H&M