Sardinian farniente #2

YOMO Malto - best yogut I've ever try in my life, still trying to find a way to bring some in Paris
La casa de'll Francese <3

To keep my souvenirs fresh, here are some pictures of my Sardinian heaven...
It's my 5mins escape from the office while a chicken pad thai, thank you lunch break, but I miss my caprese diet !



Is your clam in a Jam for Tangerine drym

Dear followers and dreamers, I'm reaaaaaaally excited to present you a novelty on my blog... The Tangerine drym podcasts, created and recorded just for you !
This is a collaboration between a talented dreamer : Is your clam in a jam (you must have a look!) and I. I choose the inspiration / theme of the month, he imagines, creates and records the podcast.
For the first one, I chose something happy, funky, and chilled, that I can listen to while cooking, going to the office, or just lying somewhere (a little tribute to my beloved Amy Winehouse).
I hope you'll enjoy this first podcast and feel as good as I do when I listen to it on my way to work... sadly my loooong (7 month) holiday are oooover !

To download this podcast and have the full details of the tracks click here

Oh also, since I want this to be exclusively for you dreamers, do not hesitate to give me any ideas, inspirations, themes for the next podcasts !

Love !

Waiting for you comments !


Sardinian farniente #1

Pane Carasau - Add some rosemary, olive oil and coarse salt, 7 mins in the oven , ready !
Green and black olive tapenade
Typical sardinian sweets
Caprese and Ichnusa - Hapiness
After 6 month of a parisian autarky, I can finally travel out of France ! Freeeedom ! and what a better destination than the middle of my beloved mediterranean sea, Sardinia... I missed you !
After spending almost all my summers there from my 7 year's old to my 13th, it's now with a different eye and lifestyle that I re-discover it.
10 days, in a little bay of Porto Pino (1h from Cagliari airport), far from all kind of city and urban activity, with family, friends and babies !
A typical day in this house au bord de l'eau :
9am wake up, long table for breakfast, my diet : Italian ciabatta bread with nutella, lemon EstaTHE and sardinian super tasty peaches.
10am, beach time, bag is ready, SPF, oil, tunisian fouta and not to forget : the mask ! Ok, ready for the turquoise water.
12am, back to the house for lunch... oh lunch, the pictures will describe it better than any of my words..
3pm, after long discussions, coffee, and cakes, I ate too much.. direction -> bed of hammoc with a book (or a magazine on lazy days) waiting for Morpheus's arms.
5pm, enough sleeping, time to the second beach session, diving from the rocks ! Yeaaah !
7.30pm back home, all getting dressed for the prosecco and the sunset... It's so beautiful that everytime it's like I never saw it before excitement is always the same.
9pm, dinner, fish, risotto, spaghetti al vongole, grilled gambas, wine, the pleasure of italian food.
11pm : 2 options, quite nights will be watching the stars on the terrace and try to catch as many falling stars for all the wishes I have ! I've rarely seen such a beautiful sky, milky way, great bear,
Eventful night will be drinks in a bar, IF you get lucky a crazy night at the discotheca, if not...a crazy night at the coolest italian friend's place and finish with a midnight bath in the fluorescent plankton of our beach ! (always with prosecco and starry sky)

I had the most relaxed and lovely time during these 10 days and can now face September and my new job serenely ! 2012, you can now start !
Hope all of you had amazing holidays too !

Love x


Street style #16

Neon trendsetter
Here is a proof that trends start in the street !
During a nostalgic afternoon watching all my pictures from Tunisia I randomly found this one and thought after Isobel's look on the street style #15, this one would be awesome to complete the neon theme.
I took this picture exactly one year ago at the market in Tunisia (Sfax), I loved them straight away and thought that was a way too cool (plus they were selling the most tasty fig I've ever had).
I'm sure many of you girls would crave for a neon keffieh to your beach hairstyle :)

Have a lovely holiday peeps !



Street style #15

Isobel - La Rochelle
Bring on neon !
Hello dear friends ! I'm back to you after a little and unexpected break !
To continue on my "La rochelle for a week end" theme, here is Isobel my lovely cherie and how to illuminate a cute floral playsuit with her neon -customized IsoStar- satchel ! 
This look is too cute don't you think ? plus it goes weel with the blog :)
Mmmh I wish I was living in a city where I can dress like that everyday of the year... I'm a dreamer.. for now on..

*Shades  RayBan
  Playsuit   Forever New 
  Satchel   Cambridge Satchel Company
  Shoes  From Madrid's market


Street style #14

Nazifa - La Rochelle

I sometimes hear that you can't mix two different colors and types of denim jeans.. another evidence to show this is a very very wrong statement.. Don't you think ? 
Thank you Nazifa to support me in my opinion but mostly thanks for your smile


*Shades  Karen Walker
  Jeans   Sass and Bide 
  Men's denim shirt   Ralph Lauren
  Bag  Claramonte


Neon and Lemon

Back from La Rochelle !
I have to admit we've been lazy birds.. My friend's house was so beautiful and cozy, we ended up chillin in the wide and green garden, around the pool, cooking loads of yummy things and play tennis for the most active ones :) but I do have a few look to share in the following days ! get ready !


*Shades  Karen Walker
  Nail polish : Neon  E. Pinaud 
  Orange  H&M