Blend Burger (Burger marathon #1)

Speaking about burgers...
This short week end I had was a good opportunity to treat myslef (and tummy) so I decided to try this hype burger place in Paris : Blend.
After several attempts a few month ago, we finally made it.
The owner (that you can see behing in the first picture - not the asian one - ) received us very nicely, smiling, not usual here in Paris.
Before sitting, my choice was already made : the Hamb burger - beef, pickles, onions, iceberg, sauce Thousand Island and Blend mustard, I know, I didnt choose the Cheesy, but my friend did :) + french fries (but the sweet potatoes fries were also yummyy)
The level is quite high, it was just DE-licious. The bread, the sauce, the beef, WAOW I devoured it pretty quick.
Discovery of the day :  jealous of a sauce my friend got with his sweet potatoes, I asked for one, knowing that everything there is home-made this thing was beyond amazing (if you like garlic) : kind of an Aoili sauce, with garlic puree and basil...mmmmhhhhh close to perfection. (Good point : the burger is cut in two, makes it easyier to savour and share !
Desert, even if we all were pretty full, it was the continuity of this delight. Cheescake and chocolate cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling + a cookie and an apple crumble tasting like an apple crumble..
On a scale of 1 to 10, Blend definitely worth a 9.50.
You now know where to eat a delicious hype and 100% home-made burger for a very fair price. No deception.
AND they have a twitter ! @ blendhamburger
Blend - 44 rue d'Argout - 75001 - Paris


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  1. Yum, will keep this on file for the next time I am in Paris, thanks for posting!