Is your clam in a Jam for Tangerine drym

Dear followers and dreamers, I'm reaaaaaaally excited to present you a novelty on my blog... The Tangerine drym podcasts, created and recorded just for you !
This is a collaboration between a talented dreamer : Is your clam in a jam (you must have a look!) and I. I choose the inspiration / theme of the month, he imagines, creates and records the podcast.
For the first one, I chose something happy, funky, and chilled, that I can listen to while cooking, going to the office, or just lying somewhere (a little tribute to my beloved Amy Winehouse).
I hope you'll enjoy this first podcast and feel as good as I do when I listen to it on my way to work... sadly my loooong (7 month) holiday are oooover !

To download this podcast and have the full details of the tracks click here

Oh also, since I want this to be exclusively for you dreamers, do not hesitate to give me any ideas, inspirations, themes for the next podcasts !

Love !

Waiting for you comments !


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