Biarritz, San Sebastian, Fontarrabie

San Sebastian

San Sebastian
Cathedral del buen pastor - San Sebastian
San Sebastian Beach
San Sebastian - Zara look
Streets of San Sebastian
Sunrise in San Sebastian

Plaza de la Constituciòn - San Sebastian 
Demonstration for the Basque country independence 
Grilled sardines - typical Basque dish
Trendy boy in San Sebastian
Sunrise on Cibourre coasts in France
Fontarabi - Spain
Grilled Basque pepper 
Paletta Iberica + Paamb Tomaca
Tapas Foie plancha con crema de oporto y reduccion de manzana - Best tapas EVER
Ardoka - Fontarabi
Biarritz, my lovely friend's house we stayed at
Hydrangea, everywhere in Biarritz
Côte des Basques - Biarritz
Côte des Basques
Ilbarritz beach
5 Incredible days in Basque country..
Based in Biarritz, we had the chance to drive to San Sebastian (40 mins) and Fontarabi - a fishing village 30mins away by car and 8mins of ferry.
Amazing country, warm people, delicious food, it was just perfect. I strongly recommend this place to anyone for a long week end.
We spent our first day in San Sebastian - officially called Donostia in basque - I had my first surf lesson and apparently did well :)
The city is so chilled, tapas everywhere, surfers on the beach, skateboarding kiddos, sea, sun, what else ?
While visiting the city, we walked into a demonstration for the Basque country independence and that's when I really felt the difference between this region's culture and identity, and the rest of Spain.
After a yummy typical fish dish on the Conca, we drove back to Biarritz totally enchanted.
Biarritz... mmh, I'll be back to you soon ! Even though we were in France, I felt in such a different scene. The perfect archetype surfers place, we were there during a Roxy competition that took place in the famous Côte des Basques (most famous coast for surf), so there was a real energy there.
Biarritz is a succession of beautiful and wide beaches where even if you're not a surfer and never surfed  in your life, you'll feel the need to at least try.
Luckily we were staying at my friend's house, as good locals they are they took really good care of us and showed us the best places to eat and drink, thanks again to all of you !
Must say that my favourite place of this trip - food wise - was in Fontarabi. My friend took us there for our last night, the place is called Ardoka, best tapas I've ever had. The restaurant is located in a typical Spanish street, we ate outside on a wine barrel, à la basque !
In the menu : grilled basque pepper, Jamon Iberico, fried calamari, individual tapas of foid gras à la plancha, mini pieces of beef, Xipiron and squid ink risotto, Bacalao and many more.. Everything we had was good !
So if you ever spend a long week end or holiday in this area, you must make a detour to this place, you won't be disappointed !
I'm now back to Paris, with loads of souvenirs of the great times I had there, and would definitly go back during another season for a real visit of the old basque city.
Hope those pictures will make you want to go !


  1. Oh! The water is call me, I can hear it :).

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    1. Thank you !
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  2. lovelovelove this post. and yes. these pictures makes me wanna goo!! or at least travel!

    1. Thank you ! Happy I made you want to travel ! really cool blog too ! let's follow each other !

  3. I've always wanted to visit San Sabastian! It looks beautiful and the food looks delicious.

    Sarah x

  4. omg! i just love san sebastian! the best food & wines ever!
    greetings from Buenos Aires!

    1. omg! i just love san sebastian! the best food & wines ever!
      greetings from Buenos Aires!