Got my Jimmy Fairly !

Hello there,

I'd like to tell you about a really cool new french brand and concept : 
Jimmy Fairly "Awesome glasses for awesome people"

You probably heard of them already, throught Facebook and people who wear their glasses - as I do - 
The concept started from a quote with a simple idea : "Internet revolutionizes our way to buy, why wouldn't it revolutionize our way of giving.
This idea comes from Antonin Chartier, who thought the opticians practices and prices were unacceptable ! He decided that it was time for change and launched this concept :
- Online shop, free delivery to try them on and free return if the style doens't suit you.
- Designed in France, handmade in Italy
- Cool design and shop (Paris)
- Only 95€ (depends on your correction)
- "Buy one, give one". Buying a pair of Jimmy Fairly glasses (Sunglasses or correction glasses) will contribute to help underprivileged people who need  glasses too ! I love this idea ! So do not hesitate, get yourself a pair and help someone at the same time (and price).
 As you can see this concept comes from a strong desire to help but will also make you look great.
The design of the glasses and the quality is just Amazing, check it out on the website.

Parisiens, parisiennes, a store just oppened in the Marais - lovely staff - Jimmy Fairly Store, you can try the styles on, and order there, 10 days later, they'll be home!

I got mine yesterday : great packaging, little note - Brilliant ! Rien à ajouter !

Style : Cambridge brown
 I can see clearly now, Merci Jimmy !

Love x

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  1. Jolis lunettes! J'aime bien!

    Angela Donava